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More and more bookmakers are including eSports betting in their product offerings, which is only natural as eSports betting is becoming more and more popular with a wider audience. In addition, they are adding more and more types of eSports betting. Some of them are:

  • Bet365: This is one of the best known bookmakers in the world of sports betting. In its eSports section we will not only find that it has a wide range of games and electronic sports to bet on, but also that the statistics it offers are the most complete on the market, providing a series of data that will undoubtedly be of great use to the bettor, such as the historical clashes between the teams facing each other, the members of each team and the data they are averaging in the different most important actions of the game such as losses, deaths, assists or shots to the head.
  • Betway: eSports at Betway plays a leading role in the main menu alongside sports, casino and blog. This bookmaker has become known among other things for sponsoring several Liga Santander teams such as Leganés, Alavés and Levante. The most popular games are available to bet on at Betway, with CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Starcraft 2, Rainbow Six and more. It offers prediction aid statistics on a large number of eSports games.
  • Betsson: This is another bookmaker that has chosen to specialise in eSports, offering a very complete product with the most common games such as Counter Strike: GO, League of Legends, Call of Duty and, in short, any eSport on which a tournament is being played, as well as e-sports such as football and basketball.
  • Pastó This bookmaker works with the same software as Betsson, so its eSports offer is exactly the same with identical events and odds. It is a very complete bookmaker, which despite not having its own app to download, its website is perfectly adapted to mobile devices, so that at a functional level it is ideal in this aspect.
  • Sportium: One of the most prestigious Spanish bookmakers that has started to include eSports in its market of events to bet on. At Sportium we will see bets on any eSports event that is being played, mainly on DOTA, League of Legends, Rainbow Six, CS: GO, Starcraft 2 and the most common ones.

Tips for betting on eSports

Tips for betting on eSports

The same tips for betting on eSports should be followed as for any other sport. E-sports players compete, train, study their opponents and lead a healthy lifestyle in the same way as a football or basketball player would, but obviously without the physical demands of those sports.

Some tips for betting on eSports are as follows:

eSports betting

Check the form of the player or team you are betting on, as well as that of your opponent. One team, normally better than another, may be in poor form for a variety of reasons, and this could affect the odds of winning the game.

Review precedents. In eSports as in physical sports, it is common for some teams to do better or worse against other specific opponents. If we have the possibility to review the most recent matches, it will be an important advantage.

The style of play, one of the keys. There are teams or players who for example in a shooter show a more daring and risky style, which results in high numbers of kills, as well as those who are more conservative. Reviewing all possible statistics will be very useful for bets such as number of kills or maps played.

It can also be key to study whether certain players are better or worse at withstanding pressure and whether time works in their favour or against them – if the game goes on too long, not all players will have the same ability to maintain their concentration.

In team eSports such as Counter Strike or League of Legends, it is very important to know the members of the teams, as there are also transfers, players who leave or others who retire from the activity.

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