Konami: juke boxes at the top of casino games


From arcade games to console games, the Japanese video game giant has an impressive history behind it. 

A brief history of Konami

Konami was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1969. The company was founded by Kagemasa Kozuki and specialised in the rental and repair of jukeboxes. It was renamed Konami Industry Co LTd in 1973. To create this company, Kagemasa Kozuki joined forces with Yoshinobu Nakama, Hiro Matsuda and Shokichi Ishihara. The name of the company is derived from the first letters of each of their surnames.

These gentlemen then decided to focus on the design of arcade machines: kiosks as they were then called. This was a booming market at the time, from which very few companies were taking advantage. At that time, in terms of creativity, there was not much to prove because most companies in the field were only making clones of existing games. It wasn’t until the 1980s with the arcade game Scramble that Konami began to break out of its rut and make a name for itself. Since then, the company has created one game after another and is now one of the top video game publishers.

Diversification of the company’s activities

Konami slots

During the 1980s, Konami had a string of successes with its various arcade games. It was during these early successes that the company showed its orientation and its desire to tackle the market for microcomputers and then home consoles. Its first games were released on the MSX, a microcomputer that had long been in the news in Japan and Europe. The company took advantage of this to make portable versions of some of its arcade games.

In 1985, Konami took a new direction and tackled Nintendo. At that time, this console was a resounding success and all the publishers wanted to burn their games onto it. The company was able to establish itself through games that were very popular with the public and became one of the favourite publishers of Nintendo players.

Konami: a publisher full of originality

Konami games

The quality that has allowed Konami to be a real success in the field of video games is its ability to adapt to the evolution of the market and to constantly propose new concepts. Thus, at each period of its existence, the company has never ceased to surprise its players by staying on top of the trend. In the field of casino games, it has applied the same recipes by offering land-based or virtual gaming establishments a host of original titles. A few years ago, it even hit the jackpot with an impressive machine in the field of virtual horse racing. The Fortune Cup machine is, in fact, nothing less than a racetrack with animated horses. Some of its great slot titles include:

  • Panda Shores;
  • Wealthy Monkey;
  • Roman Tribune;
  • Lotus Land.

To conclude on this great game publisher, if Konami has had a string of successes since its creation, it still continues on its path without losing effectiveness: its touch of originality has helped it stand out from its many competitors, allowing it to celebrate, last year, its 50th anniversary.

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