Karen Bultitude | Evaluation: a practical guide

  • Descrição do Workshop:
    This interactive session will provide participants with an opportunity to develop their skills in evaluation practice.  It will introduce key concepts relating to evaluation, as well as provide an overview of how to decide what evaluation approach is best in which circumstances.  Participants will briefly explore a variety of evaluation methods, ranging from the traditional (such as questionnaires and interviews) to the creative (such as graffiti walls and photo diaries).  There will also be an opportunity for delegates to share their evaluation concerns and discuss potential solutions to common challenges.  No prior knowledge of evaluation will be assumed.
    Limite de participantes: 25

    Breve Biografia
    Dr Karen Bultitude is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication and Director of Research within the Department of Science and Technology Studies, University College London.  As well as leading recent academic investigations relating to science festivals, science blogging and researcher perceptions of public engagement, she is an experienced science communication practitioner and evaluator. She has led on wide-ranging internal and external evaluations at national and international levels, and as a self-confessed ‘evaluation geek’ is always keen to support the development of evaluation practice, including her own.

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